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How to choose Baby’s clothes or the jungle of Sizes

When I was pregnant, I thought foolishly that size Newborn was to be worn at birth, 1 month from 1 month, 3 months from 3 months and so on. No way! Unless your baby is really at the bottom of the curve of height / weight (curve size and weight curve of WHO), the sizes must be read as followed:

  • Newborn size: the first 2 weeks if your baby was less than 50 cm at birth, otherwise never.
  • One Month: from birth to 1 month, slightly more if your baby is a small size and / or if you purchased one month in Switzerland (56cm)
  • Three Month: up to 3 months
  • and so on.

Of course each child is built differently, has its own growth rate, some go directly from size 3 months to 12 months …

These are things that you will be able to tell according to your own baby.

How to choose the clothes, when to buy?

You’ll have to buy some clothes before birth, even if you do not know how big baby will be (light weight 2.8 kg and 48 cm or big baby 52 cm and 3.6 kg) …

I had bought a mix of size one month and three months with a total of 6 sleepers and 8 onesies. It was fine for the first month, especially because you usually get lots of gifts in size three months. I also had two small baggy pants and some cardigans knitted by my mother in law.

After that, I recommend to buy as you go. You’ll see when the onesies start to be too short, and you can then buy new ones according to the season. If you buy too early, you might be stuck with some winter onesies that will fit during the summer and therefore useless … That’s too bad especially when the clothes are worn for such a little time… (…)

Styles that are useful

  • Crossover onesies for the first 3 months because it’s easier to put on.
  • Pants that are large around the buttocks area to allow a greater freedom of movement
  • Socks with cuffs around the ankle because they hold better
  • Cardigans rather than sweaters
  • Cotton turtleneck shirts for the winter, perfect under a dress or tunic or even under a jacket, plus it keeps little necks well protected

Wrong ideas

  • Sweaters with a zipper: the zipper is too stiff, folds and hurts baby’s neck
  • Pants with inside leg snap buttons. It is easier to just remove the pants especially if the fabric is on the thicker side. Otherwise good on pants with thin fabrics, light cotton overalls for example during the summer.
  • T-shirts: not worn much during the early months especially during the summertime when baby will mostly wear onesies.

And if you get some gifts, that’s great! But make sure to look at the sizing, and try them quickly! For example, if someone gives you clothes in size six months (67 cm or 68 cm), try to put it on your child when he turns 3 month because it will most likely start to be almost too small when he turns 5 months. Baby clothes unfortunately only fit perfectly for a maximum of one month during the first year…

Sizes and brands

As with adult clothes, brands fit differently for a same size. This is a small summary of my tests looking at the size in cm, and not the age listed, which changes…The brands are listed according to their price range starting with the cheaper ones.

  • H & M: fits quite big, refer to the height. The onesies are of great quality, as are the sleepers and socks (they hold!). The prices are also reasonable, I recommend.


  • DPAM: The fit can be different depending on the style (it usually has to do with the factory that manufactured the product). I only buy turtleneck cotton shirts. The tights are huge, and the onesies of poor quality. I have not tested other styles.
  • Okaidi: correct size, the arms are short fast. Good quality and modern designs. They have nice basics: leggings, under-shirts
  • Cadet Rousselle: tights fit small. Look at the size in age rather than in cm… Good quality, very nice sleepers.
  • Petit Bateau: Size fits rather narrow especially with the cloth diapers. Take a size up for more comfort. The arms are not very long, otherwise very good. Very nice sleepers.
  • Catimini: Good fit.
  • IKKS: Good fit but the arms are short.


And you, what have you tested? Did you have any surprises?

Thanks to Emilie Sarkissian for her translation (written first on her Facebook Page). Find her Facebook page Apricot Culotte

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  1. I also have a guide to sizing on my site. Generally the sizing in Switzerland is bigger than in some other countries so with my own children who are smaller I look at there height and give them clothes that are closer to their height.

    novembre 16, 2011

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