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rôle du baby planner

As a Baby Planner and Maternity Consultant, I accompany expectant parents through all the stages of parenthood; from the arrival of the first born to the 3rd birthday of the youngest.

The role of the Baby Planner is not to replace the job of a parent but to reassure, provide information and help them find a friendly birthing venue.  In other words, a Baby Planner is a coach for parents-to-be!

The support system offered the by Baby Planner completes the medical care of a gynecologist or a midwife. In that regard, my mission is to answer all the non-clinical questions that may arise, and there is no such thing as silly questions! They are all relevant and provide you with information specific to your situation. Here are a few of them:

  • When does my maternity leave begin?
  • My bathroom is so tiny! How are we going to fit a bath tub?
  • Do we really need a crib?
  • I heard of parabens. What are those and are they dangerous for my baby?
  • My health care insurance has not payed for my blood test, is that normal?
  • The childcare center is overbooked, what other solution do I have?
  • I don’t know which prenatal gym class to attend, which one suits me best?

How will your Baby Planner take care of you?

You want to be pampered and taken care of during your pregnancy? The Baby Planner is here for you!

Once you have filled in the form to set up your first free meeting, I will contact you to set up a date for our first session. The first meeting will take place at your home, at a time which best suits you, generally in the evening. We will talk about your current situation, your needs, your life style. At the end, I will show you in detail what I can help you with.

The first meeting is always free* of charge, and with no obligations.

The next day you will receive a proposal containing different packages with different budget and duration, all of them meeting your requirements. It is up to you to decide which one is right for you!

The followings meetings will be held at your place or any other venue; a tea shop or even the conference room of your work place… The choice is yours.

In which area do I offer my services?

All the services are provided in the following areas: La côte, Nyon, Morges, Lausanne, Vevey, Montreux, Yverdon.

In some cases, services can be provided in Geneva.

For places located 15 km past Lausanne, additional charges can be applied.

*the first meeting is free if you choose to have a complete care, even if at the end you do not decide to hire the baby planner. For « à la carte » services, i.e. if you only want to hire the baby planner for one particular service or workshop, the quotation will be done after a discussion over phone. If the phone call does not allow us to establish a quotation, the meeting that will be set up will be charged 80 chf.