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Between friends!

ateliers de groupe futures mamans

Are you pregnant, and already have a network of friends who are pregnant as well? Do you all wish to have a one-off session together, and gain from the knowledge of a Baby Planner instead of booking a regular one-on-one personalized service?

Then the workshop “between friends” is made for you!

Upon request, BabySteps organizes group workshops starting 3 participants* on the following themes:

  • Planning and To-do list**: how not to miss anything from your pregnancy
  • Labour law, salary pay and maternity leave
  • Childcare options: learn all about private and public nurseries, daycare mothers, nannies …
  • Wellness during pregnancy: sports, nutrition, alternative remedies
  • Health insurance
  • Which caregiver for my pregnancy checkups?
  • How to choose an infant car seat?
  • Attachment parenting learn more
  • Green mothering
  • Bottle feeding and breastfeeding

All workshops take place at the home of one of the group members, at a time** that we agree together. Each workshop lasts about 2 hrs.

Price per participant: 100 chf

For more information or to plan a workshop, please contact me.

* 5 persons max. per workshop

**The workshop “planning for pregnancy” offers a global to-do list for all its members, but covers all the important points. A one-on-one workshop is necessary to have a thorough and detailed planning.

***2 weeks are required between the first booking and the workshop.