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Preparing for another adventure

Marie is expecting her second child but would like this pregnancy to be different from the last:

  • What effects can harmful substances around us have and how can we protect ourselves?
  • Are the items she bought for her first baby still suitable for the second?
  • Her first born cried a lot, are there any alternative remedies or methods that could help her manage this problem if necessary with her second child?
  • Is it possible for her to prepare for the birth using natural remedies?

After our first meeting at her house, Marie chooses a package lasting 3 months including:

  • Green basics: A meeting dedicated to the role the environment plays during pregnancy and how to have a more eco-friendly pregnancy
  • Well Being Through Pregnancy: A second meeting with information on natural remedies and their role during pregnancy
  • Attachment Parenting: A third meeting dedicated to bonding: baby wearing, baby massage, baby sign and other tips.
  • Baby Gear Expert: A fourth meeting at Melanie’s home to examine the equipment she already has, assess her needs and advise her on what else may be useful or could be replaced.

She enjoys the availability of our hotline during 3 month to ask her questions whenever she needs.

Preparing for another adventure   706 chf for 3 months,

235 chf / month