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Planning the pregnancy

planning grossesse suisse

A pregnancy raises several practical questions:  which forms should you fill in, when should you register baby in daycare, which caregiver should you choose, which equipment should you buy, how do you prepare the baby announcements, registering to birth education classes, remembering important dates…

With your customized pregnancy planning guide you will no longer be overwhelmed by what needs to be done. All important information is explained and detailed step-by-step, and brought to you at the right time.

This genuine checklist will follow you throughout the pregnancy and make your life easier!

A group of mothers meticulously thought and designed it. It is entirely adapted to all administrative matters conducive to Switzerland. With this checklist you’ll stay organized and at peace during the entire pregnancy.

The checklist, included in the BabySteps package, is available in paper or online after the second consultation. It is not static, and will be modify together to meet your ever changing needs and wishes throughout the pregnancy.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to book a free personalized consultation!