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Work and Maternity

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Pregnancy is not an illness; it does, however, come with many discomforts which can impact on work. As a pregnant woman, you’re protected at work.

With the workshop Work and Maternity Coaching, you’ll hold the key to become a serene working mom!

On the program:

  • Pregnancy: your rights in the workplace and special provisions to respect. But also: coping with morning sickness, how to prepare for maternity leave, how to spread workload with colleagues, how to avoid pitfalls, scheduling meeting with your supervisor and Human Resources.
  • Pre-natal leave:  how is sickness leave paid during pregnant?
  • Post-natal leave: Length and provisions to the federal maternity leave, how to prolong maternity leave, cantonal child allowance.

The separate workshop Coaching for Moms Returning to Work is recommended to take one month prior returning to work and covers the following points:

  • Organizing the Household: action plan to save time and energy
  • Breastfeeding for working mothers: weaning, mixed feedings, using a breast pump.
  • Specific employment rights for working parents: leave of absence to take care of a sick child and other provisions.
  • Information resources for specific questions: amendments to the work contract, transferring to part-time, family allowance.

These workshops are available either as packages or individual sessions.