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Baby Steps, your Baby Planner in Western Switzerland

  • Your having your first, second, third child, and your amazing job doesn’t leave you enough time to prepare for it?
  • You have just arrived in Switzerland and found out your pregnant?
  • Your expat and having a baby in Switzerland for the first time?

We are not always armed to live these situations. Be it by lack of time or experience, getting prepared for a child’s arrival can become a nightmare.

If you wish to stay calm and serene, you can rely on your Baby Planner! Every step of the way, your Baby Planner will be there to guide you, support you, so that everything run smoothly and let you enjoy these magical moments.

We provide consultations and needs assessment for parents.

Passionate about all aspects of maternity and knowledgeable about the world of perinatal care in Western Switzerland, Florence will help you take those first baby steps in the process of planning for the arrival of your baby and will even offer guidance and support in the months that follow if you so wish!

Whether with caring package of 3, 6, 9 months, or « a la carte » advice, you can benefit from all the expertise of a perinatal consultant and the comfort of a personalized care.

Contact us now to fix your first free meeting!