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About Florence

Engineer above all

Florence Helg is an active young mum who has been living in Lausanne since 2007. She studied at the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique in Paris where she obtained a degree in Engineering. To achieve her studies Florence came to Switzerland and completed a Masters in Mechanical Engineering at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Florence worked for 5 years as an engineer specialising in 3D numerical simulations within the area of fire safety in road and rail tunnels for one of the main engineering consulting companies in Lausanne. In 2011, he re-oriented her carrier in renewable energies and green buildings.

After her second maternity leave Florence embraced a new challenge in her company by becoming the project manager for the ERP implementation of her office.

Switzerland, a new country

Florence is French and arrived in Switzerland in 2007. Before that, she travelled the world with her expatriate parents (USA, Japan, Netherlands…), living more years abroad that in her own country. She is well aware of the feeling one expat experience for having lived it all along.

Florence decided to settle in Switzerland after having an opportunity here for her study. Now she is very well integrated and feel at home but has not forgotten what she has been through all these years.

Passionate mother

Married in 2008, she had a baby girl in 2009 and a baby boy in 2013. Florence has always been curious about all aspects of pregnancy even before falling pregnant herself. Conscientious and organised she spends her spare time perusing magazines, books on nursing and childcare and scientific articles concerning pregnancy and babies.
Pregnancy gave her the chance to make informed decisions based on such literature deliberately oriented towards more natural methods.

Thoughtful friend

Aware of her knowledge and experience, Florence’s friends began to turn to her to hear the latest advice published by the press, for her opinions on the products she had tried out, as well as her experience and knowledge on their rights at work, administrative formalities and other problems concerning soon-to-be parents. Florence started a blog entitled “A baby in Lausanne” (available on the BabySteps website) in order to share her knowledge with other mums in Switzerland and France.

Baby Planner, the logical development

The creation of BabySteps was the next logical step for Florence. Willing to enjoy her two passions, Florence launched her activity as a Baby Planner at the same time as her partial time work as an Engineer.

Florence will be further expanding her knowledge through various maternity related courses including pregnancy and a woman’s rights at work, health insurance for pregnant women and children, the physiology of the pregnant woman etc.
To further complement this knowledge and training, Florence has close connections with other maternity specialists. Discover her network and partners who rely upon her.

Specific training

In order to tailor to parents’needs, Florence followed a baby planner certification program at the International Academy of Baby Planner Professional in september 2011. This very complete training is ended by a full report which need to be validated in order to pass the certification. Today, Florence has completed the training.

To have all the latest information on the specific Swiss situation. Florence attend courses related to work and maternity, health care…


Florence is one of the founder of the Professional Federation of French Speaking Baby Planners. This federation was created to put a quality stamps for baby planners who guarantee a certain level of experience and service.

Florence is a member of the Swiss Association of Mompreneurs.

Florence is a member of the Co-naître Association and Naît-sens association.


Florence held a workshop on « preparing for baby’s arrival » at the last Mum-to-be Party in Lausanne (july 4th 2012).