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Areas of Expertise

My two areas of expertise cover two complimentary specialities:

  • Baby planner
  • Maternity Consultant

In my role as Baby Planner I will help soon-to-be parents prepare for their new arrival by supplying:

  • A personalised calendar detailing the tasks to be done and when to do them
  • Information on the items that will really be of use and those that you could live without (Baby Gear Consulting)
  • Sound advice on getting the house ready for those first few weeks after the baby arrives
  • Information on the various childcare options available
  • Advice on Swiss health insurance and how it works for mums-to-be and for children
  • Information on the various antenatal classes available

In my role as Maternity Consultant I will give parents thorough and personalised advice on:

  • Your rights at work during pregnancy
  • Wellbeing during pregnancy: sport, nutrition and natural remedies
  • Feeding by breast and by bottle
  • Pregnancy related healthcare
  • The birthing plan
  • The eco-friendly pregnancy
  • Therapies for an ‘alternative’ parenting

My continuous training allows me to complete my areas of expertise over time.

The Baby Planner also had the role of a Go-to Person for parents. With my continuous prospective work, I maintain up to date an expert list in various maternity areas, and test existing services, in order to help you decide which professional will be the best for you.

This research work includes:

  • ostéopathe specialized in pregnancy
  • birth classes
  • prenatal sport classes
  • birth places
  • pregnancy clothes shops
  • baby gear shops