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My Philosophy

My vision of a Baby Planner

The Baby Planner is the person that helps parents-to-be welcome their new baby with peace of mind by providing all the pieces of information they need to make informed choices.

With the help of a Baby Planner, parents are able to circumvent obstacles and avoid pitfalls.

Welcoming a baby for the first time can be a journey full of ups and downs, and being guided by a Baby Planner through every step of the way can be a precious help. In the past, members of the family and friends would hold this position. But their advices today are all too often outdated due to our fast paced society and the steady advancements in science. Keeping up-to-date requires much effort that new parents cannot always deliver.

As a mother, I have my views on motherhood. As Baby Planner, however, I embrace the views of everyone and provide objective pieces of information. I help future parents make informed decisions, as each option emerging during motherhood brings on both advantages and disadvantages. I also show great empathy, because preparing for the new arrival, whether the baby was carried or adopted, is always a stressful time.

Our gatherings are moments of exchange and sessions are changing. They evolve and flow in tandem with questions from parents, their life style, current situation… A meeting is always tailored to meet your specific needs. The Baby Planner provides the information that you, and You alone, are interested in, thus preventing you from getting confused with the amount of information.

The birth of Babysteps

Just as a child, BabySteps took 9 months to come to the world; 5 months of careful consideration and 4 months to launch…

  • The name “BabySteps” comes from the idea that the best way to assist parents is to take one step at the time, until the baby is there.
  • The idea of a guide paving the way and helping circumvent obstacles is represented by the red-orange thread that also forms the letters of BabySteps.
  • Finally, to remind that a Baby Planner offers her services to all, not just pregnant women, I chose the symbol of the stork: the bird that brings the newborn to future parents regardless of how the baby was carried.