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Pregnant in Switzerland? Now what?

Each woman who discover a positiv pregnancy test ask herself the same question: and now what should I do?

If you are a local, this question is already a big issue, but what if you are an expat mom-to-be, and not speaking french on top of all?

Here is a quick guide to help you get through the first weeks!

Issue #1: Am I really pregnant?

If you are not sure, do another test within 24h. If both show the line, it looks like you are pregnant! Congrats!

Do not rely on « pregnancy symptoms » such as nausea, breast increase… as they are typical of post-ovulation which means they happen wether you are pregnant or not.

Issue #2: Should I do a blood test?

It is not common in Switzerland to do a blood test to confirm a pregnancy. Gyn’s just assume that if your pregnancy test is positive and your not having your periods then you are pregnant. So do not bother doing a blood test.

Issue #3: When is my due-date?

In Switzerland, gynecologists consider that a pregnancy last 40 weeks beginning the first day of your last period. You can find website to calculate your due date the swiss way:

term calculation

Issue #4: Which health care provider?

Your pregnancy can be followed by an gynecologist or an independent midwife.

If you choose to have your prenatal check ups done by an ob/gyn, know that they won’t be there for the birth, unless you decide to give birth in a private clinic. Most of them have ultrasound material in their office, so you won’t have to go in a special place to have ultrasounds.

If you choose to be followed by an Independent Midwife, you will enjoy global coverage including emotional and informational support. Unless you decide to give birth in a « maison de naissance » or at home, know that she won’t be there for the birth.

Issue #5: Finding support

Because living a pregnancy in another country that your own can really be impressive, you must not hesitate to seek support to help you get through this precious time.

We offer individual consultation to help you find your own way in the Swiss way of having a baby.

The Baby Planner can be hired to provide additional prenatal information and support and babygear advice. Baby Planners do not offer any clinical or medical check-ups or follow-up. They cater their services to what their client feel they need, free of judgment.  Baby Planners accompany all types of pregnancies and all types of births.  As mentioned, Baby Planners do not offer any clinical accompaniment but can do research for their clients and provide evidence-based information to help them make an informed-decision as to their care.

BabySteps Baby Planner was trained at the International Academy of Baby Planners Professional.

Certified Baby Planners are maternity consultants whose role extends beyond that of a typical baby planner/maternity concierge. By evaluating their clients specific needs, introducing their clients to a variety of options on pre-conception, pregnancy, post-partum and parenting topics, and providing them with the appropriate information, education and resources, certified baby planners empower their clients to make the best decisions for their growing family.

The first assessment of your needs is free and without obligations.


Passionnée par tous les aspects entourant la maternité, et ravie de pouvoir partager mon expérience, je vous propose mes services de Baby Planner et Consultante en Maternité. Découvrez mon !

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