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Attachment parenting


lien d'attachement parent bébéToday people talk a lot about attachment parenting, so what is it exactly?

‘Attachment’ parenting uses different methods than those habitually used in Western cultures and is designed to enhance the bond between parent and child.

During a workshop on this subject you will be able to learn more about the following methods and see whether they could be of interest to you:

  • Carrying your baby ergonomically whether that be with a Wrap, Mei Tai, Manduca or Ergo, there are many options out there!
  • Baby massage: what benefits are there for you and what types of pain does it treat?
  • Baby Sign Language: sign language for children lets you communicate with your baby before they are able to speak
  • Cosleeping: whether or not to let your baby sleep with you. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Is it something suited to everyone?
  • and much more!

Throughout our first appointment you will be able to decide if you want to learn more on this topic. Contact me to schedule our first meeting!