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Baby Gear Consulting

matériel bébé

Your baby is coming soon and you don’t know what equipment to buy? Together, we’ll answer the following questions:

What do you really need when taking care of baby?

These questions take account of your life style, where you live, transportation, your expectations as parents, your interest for environment and your budget. When it comes to nursing, there is a variety of products to choose from! We work together to create a personalized list of products that you may need.

What do you already have?

You friend has already planned to lend you her stroller?  Your parents have refurbished your baby’s crib? Your colleagues have offered you a baby bouncer? Together we’ll find the right products by reviewing what you already have, and selecting new products to achieve maximum compatibility.

Where to buy my equipment?

Not every shop have all brands. Once your personalized list established, we will check together where you can buy your equipment. All option are possible: shops, online shops, second hand… You may even create your own baby registry list from your personalized list.

When to buy my baby equipment?

You do not want to buy it to early, but you can not wait indefinitely! Some things can wait but others will not. Thanks to your pregnancy planning, you will know exactly how to plan your purchases.

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