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Baby Steps Workshops

grossesse sereine

BabySteps created for you personalized workshops on really practical and useful areas for parents-to-be! With a global care, we recommend one workshop a month.

Here is the list of Baby Steps workshops:

  • Planning & To-do list… More
  • Your right at work, dealing with pregnancy at work, how to get organized before your leave…More
  • Child care services
  • Well being during pregnancy: sport, nutrition, holistic health… More
  • Health Care insurances More
  • Swiss medical care for pregnancy, birth classes and birth places More
  • Organizing your home for baby
  • Choosing your baby gear More
  • Attachment Parenting More
  • Green Maternity, green proofing
  • Birth Plan
  • Bottle and Breast Feeding
  • Organizing your stay at the hospital and preparing your maternity leave
  • Getting back to work: being prepared emotionally and practically More