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For fathers

Since learning about the pregnancy of your significant other you have mixed feelings: you feel on top of the world, yet notice she is tired and tense. You would like to help her?

Offer her a bubble of serenity!

During pregnancy, the support system offered by a Baby Planner is ideal to calm working, anxious or simply exhausted moms.

Future patents who seek the help of a Baby Planner are able to free their mind without relinquishing their responsibilities. They can enjoy the pregnancy in a serene atmosphere, knowing that their Baby Planner is there to guide them all the way through until baby arrives and after.

BabySteps gift vouchers are a particularly great way to help your partner during this period.

“Fathers-to-be” gift vouchers

Just as in a high-end restaurant, “Fathers-to-be” gift vouchers are very discreet! Your partner will at no time be aware of the accompanying amount!

In practice:

You just need to fill in the form online!

  • You decide on the maximum price of the package.
  • Then, you receive a “voucher for a Personalized BabySteps Program” with the name of your partner and your address. You’re the one choosing the best time to give the present!
  • She can then contact me and book her first consultation.

At the end of this first meeting, I commit to show only a selection of packages with prices that are less or equal to the amount you have set to pay. The invoice for the package she chose will be under your name. No bad surprise and discretion guaranteed!

→ Offer her a bubble of serenity !

Choosing the price

You don’t know how to choose the price for the package? Contact me and I will be happy to help you!