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Maternal and Child Health Insurance Consultancy

Switzerland’s health care system is very unique and complex. Even for longtime residents, health care practices delivered to pregnant women may come as a surprise!

Insurance coverage by the Swiss Federal Law on Compulsory Health Care (LAMal)


In theory, all medical expenses emerging during pregnancy are refunded, without deductible rates (franchise) or retention fees (quote-part).

In practice, however, only a limited number of appointments are entirely covered. Certain types of medical treatments are labeled “illnesses” and not “maternity”. They are therefore subject to franchise and quote-part. As Baby Planner, when it comes to maternity, I am well aware of all the inner working of the LAMal. I will help you verify if your insurance has properly refunded your expenses. I will also give you information on your complementary health insurance.

Health insurance for the children

Even before baby is born, you already need to reflect on your child’s health insurance. When should you enroll? How to choose your health insurance? Which franchise should you choose? Do you need a private complementary insurance? How to budget for baby’s health? I give you all the important information to ensure that you make the best decision!