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Get off on the right foot

Melanie has just found out she is pregnant and has no idea where to start:

  • To whom does she go for antenatal care and what does this involve exactly?
  • Can she work for the whole length of her pregnancy? And how will she be paid if she can not?
  • What happens if her pregnancy is deemed high risk and she has to stop working?
  • Should she already start buying the things she needs for her baby?

After our first meeting at her house Melanie chooses a package lasting one month including:

  • A meeting to discuss her pregnancy calendar, including the initial administrative tasks to be done, when she should buy equipment for the baby…
  • A meeting to help her understand the legal framework of a pregnancy at work
  • A third meeting to explain the prenatal check-ups, what is covered by the insurance LaMal and how to choose a care giver and a maternity.
In addition, she has access to our hotline for one month to reassure her whenever she needs and answer all other questions.

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