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Your well-being during pregnancy


It is easy to feel insecure about your femininity during pregnancy. Feeling serene and good with all the discomforts common to pregnancy is easier said than done.

Well-being is the workshop that gives you the key to serenity and renders your nine months of pregnancy a precious moment!

In the course of this program, we’ll cover several topics specific to your life style and taste. At the same time and whenever possible, we’ll try to find ways to prevent problems or solve them.

  • Nutrition:  taking stock of food poisoning risks during pregnancy, what you should eat.
  • Sports: What sports do you currently play, how to either continue safely or find replacement activities?
  • Fashion and beauty:  How can you take most advantage of your closet and which clothes do you really need to buy to feel good?
  • Pregnancy complaints:  Tips and tricks to prevent them.
  • Holistic medicine: how can it help overcome pregnancy ailments?